The Wonder of a Godly Woman

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Every now and then, the Lord puts a topic on my heart that I genuinely fear speaking on. By the end of this, I might as well embrace the nickname “Jussie Smollett,” as I’m putting a metaphorical noose around my own neck. Today, I woke up with the Lord putting in my heart a dividing median between godly women, and secular women, and the zeal to explain the differences between the two. I quickly jotted down a few notes before collecting my things and heading into the office.

As I’ve stated, often times the Lord puts a topic on my heart that I grumble over.  “Are you asking me to commit suicide? Do you want people to turn their attention from the work you have me do?” I say to God. But before noon, a sister in Christ had made mention to one of the aspects of this topic, settling the confirmation through a fellow believer, that this is just going to have to be the topic of the day.

So to throw myself a bit of a bone here, with the understanding that an ungodly woman has a tendency to run from the first sign of resistance, or lash out rather emotionally, I’ll start with what might seem like the most abrasive aspect of the subject, and work my way down from there. Ready?

“Are women allowed to wear whatever they want/ is there an obligation to dress modestly.” Let’s start by saying that wisdom doesn’t discriminate against any gender. Meaning God doesn’t exclude one from wisdom due to gender, as part of being godly people, there is an implication of wisdom and discernment attached to the profile.

“Why is this important?”

Well let’s revisit the question, “are women allowed to wear whatever they want?”

One of the fruits of wisdom is understanding the presence of evil in the world, and making efforts to ensure you are caught in its snare. Let me reiterate and reword that for clarity, one defining factor of wisdom, is understanding that the devil lays traps in various ways, and that there are things you can do to avoid getting caught in these traps. In a more simplistic variation of wording; Ladies, if you don’t want people touching your critters, don’t drape a banner across your barn which reads, “Petting Zoo.”

We as people have a tendency to limit our petitions to the Lord regarding having him surround us with good people in our lives, then unknowingly do things which attract shady people. Talk about giving the devil a foothold! Beloved, we should not only be making a vigilant effort towards surrounding ourselves with good company, but equally, we should be asking the Lord to surround us with good people.

Okay, first let me promise you that this isn’t me setting up for a sexist joke, but that I have a point here. Proverbs 14:1 says, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” When have you seen a woman physically build her house? When have you seen one physically take a sledgehammer to the drywall and tear it down? Point being, this verse isn’t regarding the literal building or tearing down of a physical house, it’s about the spiritual construction or destruction of a household. One of the best ways I’ve heard it put is, “If the man is the head of the household, then the woman is the heart of the household.”

Both the head and the heart are very different, they have different functions and purposes, and they are equally important and must work in conjunction with one another for the survival of the household. Without a good heart, the head leads down a destructive path, and without a good head, the heart is easily deceived.

Now let me use the former statements, in coordinate with Genesis 3:16, to move onto another, but similar point. A lot of us believers agree, as it is written in the word, that women’s curse for trusting the serpent in the garden, was an increasing severity of pain in childbearing. Quite commonly I see a trend where people will take half of a verse in order to support their arguments, but that’s a topic for another time. Genesis 3:16 reads as follows, “Then he said to the woman, ‘I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.’” One of the things many of us are overlooking, is that part of the curse, was the desire to dominate over men was woven into women and it became a desire of their flesh.  The hardest part about what I’m trying to say here, is clarifying that this is a call to equality between men and women, but because of this fleshly desire that many women entertain because of their ignorance of it, they hear “You can’t dominate men,” and their flesh translates it as an assault, saying “You have to serve us, you are not equal to us.” So I plead with you to rationally assess exactly what I’m saying here; you as our wives are our equals. You are not to rule over us, and you are not to be our slaves. When Genesis 3:16 says, but he will rule over you,” it’s establishing the separation of the head of the household, and the heart of the household.

Let’s take this back a step, back to Proverbs 14:1, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” Biblically speaking, as well as simply evaluating the average household, it’s evident that mothers teach the children things like love, compassion, and patience, while the father teaches them traits such as work ethic, integrity, responsibility and respect. This is because love and compassion do not come from the head, but from the heart which focuses emotionally; and things such as responsibility, integrity and respect, don’t come from the heart, but from the head with focuses logically.

This issue weighs on me because I’m actually a pretty big fan of women and I see a major importance in their roles found in the household which spreads out into society. What support is out there for them? During the catty ages of 13 all the way to 30, women have a tendency to conflict with one another. Even feminism, the prevalent flock of likeminded women, isn’t consistent in practicing the values they claim to champion. Likewise, men haven’t exactly been a lot of help on women issues. Through the sexualization of our culture beginning in the 1960’s with the sexual revolution, we’ve exalted the female body through culturally systemic idolatry, and made sex a primary focus for men. This has caused a generation of men who aren’t courageous enough to tell a woman when she’s wrong in hopes that she might sleep with him. We even have a title for such men, “White Knights,” who run to sustain a woman’s subjective reality, and is driven to do such by his sexual intentions, he see’s it as his “in” with her. As a result, a generation of women have flourished with an uncanny ability to take “No” for an answer.

You might look at the world now in 2019 and see a blatant assault on men, but the assault on female values was subtle and it’s been happening for decades. Drawing a pretty blatant conclusion that Satan has us so deceived, that he has created an entire generation of trifling and nagging women, and he used men to do it. He used pornography and the music industry, he used Hollywood and cultural fashion, Satan has worked effortlessly to appeal to women curse found in Genesis 3:16. His goal was to destroy the household. By pitting men and women against each other, making their only interaction to be focused primarily on sexual desires, he’s created a generation of men who won’t correct a woman just to sleep with her, and a generation of women who think they deserve a man who will let them do whatever they want. Resulting in a divorce rate in this country that sits around roughly 50%. Which means he’s been successful at destroying half the marriages in this country.

Marriage takes 2, it is not one person’s job to keep it together by submitting to the other. Man’s desire of the flesh is sexual in nature, a woman’s fleshly desire is dominant in nature. If’s both our jobs to ensure the devil doesn’t have a foothold to provoke those desires. You need to communicate with each other, you’ll need to pray together. This bond is sacred, and it was designed by God. Men, love your wives; and wives, do not cause needless strife.

As for you, the woman who is still here listening and hearing me out. I want to give you a blessing, because as I stated in the beginning, a secular and godless woman would have either lashed out, or left by the end of this, because she’s become the very woman I tried my best to describe the depths of. Whether you find this encouraging, or repulsive, you sat through it. Especially if you disagree, that speaks volumes about your character. So God Bless you, Sister in Christ.

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