The Big Shame Theory: Christians for Evolution

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Are Christians beginning to compromise with worldly/ unbiblical teachings? And what effect does that have on our well-being?

Unfortunately, it’s not “beginning,” it’s already begun, but now it’s become a crisis. PEW Research Center conducted a survey in a single-question approach to Evolution. Of the participants, 33% said there was no divine intervention that played in the evolution of humans. 48% said they believe God guided the evolutionary process, and 18% of participants said humans have always existed in their current form. 

PEW Research Center also conducted a 2-step version of the question and found 31% believe humans have always existed in their current form, while 27% believe evolution had a divine director. The single-question approach yielded a more accurate answer as the questions were clear and the participants knew exactly what was being asked. 

This means that 48% of participants believe God guided the evolutionary process. If this number at all reflects the views of Christians as a whole, then we have a crisis on our hands. With all due respect, if you’re going to compromise on Genesis chapter 1, then it warrants worry as to how you’re reading the rest of the Bible.

PEW Research Center conducted a study called, “Where Americans find meaning in Life.”

In the study, the Research Center found that 65% of Protestants claim faith provides “a great deal” of meaning in their lives.

On the other end of the spectrum, Atheists are 37% more likely to find meaning in finances/ money, and 32% more likely to find meaning in hobbies.

From a more political angle, PEW also concluded that Conservative Christians are more likely to find meaning in religion than Liberal Christians. 38% of Conservatives cite it (finding meaning in faith) in response to the open-ended question, while 8% of Liberal’s say they find meaning in their Christian Faith.

What do you take from these Statistics? Is it possible that as we begin to put our trust outside of Gods word, that we begin to see little value in ourselves? This has always been the philosophical fear of the Evolutionary Model, that people would begin to see themselves as insignificant accidents, literal “freaks of nature.” 

Again, if we are to yield to evolution to try and rationalize Genesis 1, then from the very beginning of Gods word we taint his miraculous nature and restrict his power. Such a building block could be detrimental to our theological understanding as we continue on into chapters 2 or 3, and into Exodus, carrying over into Leviticus, etc. 

Species have never been observed to create a new species. The fossil record lacks any evidence of missing links between critters, let alone primates and humans. The Cambrian Explosion is the fingerprint of sudden creation. The Big Bang defies the Law of Centrifugal Force, sending planets and galaxies rotating in opposite directions of one another. Scientists have claimed that all the matter in the universe was packed into a dot the size of the period at the end of this sentence. However, the same scientists would claim in physical impossibility of fitting a cup of water in a dot the size of a period. How could we believe the universe progressively got better when the Second Law of Thermodynamics places is in a state of decay? 

To believe all of these things stood against the Laws of the Universe, and accidentally brought about creation, would require more faith than to believe a living God created all of this by the sound of his voice. 

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.” -Joseph Goebbels, Chief Propagandist for Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, PEW’s studies would make evident that Christians are faltering more than ever. This is the result of evolution replacing God in the Public Education System, where today only 13% of H.S Biology teachers advocate for Creationism. The lie has been repeated so many times, that even the children of truth are starting to believe it.

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