LGBT: Lucifer’s Got a Big Target

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Make no mistake, there is a war on for your world view. 
The deterioration of rightly dividing objective truths from subjective truths has long been in effect. This has caused people to not know the difference between fact and opinion.

In the previous generation, without any scientific evidence, the American Psychological Association decided homosexuality was not to be classified as a mental illness, and the next day, “homophobia” was invented.
In our generation, the APA did the same with gender dysphoria, and overnight “transphobia” sprung up. What they did, was subject groups of people and use them in a political maneuver to everso increase the idea that your Christian worldview is the real mental disorder.

This was never about “freeing people from oppression,” by calling evil “good.”
The APA was successful in making the Church the enemy of sinners, when we are supposed to be the ones who tell them of the only one who can free them from the oppression of sin, Jesus Christ.

Homosexuality is not okay, STD’s and suicide plague their community even after the wide range acceptance into society. Homosexuals account for 83% of syphilis cases, and 47% of those cases also tested HIV Positive. They’re also 17x more likely to get anal cancer. They are more likely to get Hepatitis A, B, and HPV. The Transgender community faces a +40% suicide rate, even post transition surgery. LGBT individuals in general have 15 year shorter life expectancies. (All statistics provided by the CDC).

And don’t be fooled, the argument is that “they kill themselves because people won’t accept them.”
NOBODY kills themselves because people don’t accept them, they kill themselves because they don’t accept themselves. While outward opinions don’t help, Suicide is always an internal struggle.

I have always said, knowing these statistics, the most “homophobic” thing you could ever do, is support the normalization of homosexuality. Your support is actually physically killing them. 
What we as Christians need to understand, is that many of these people are in the darkness we were once in. We should be there for them, telling them that salvation and life is found in Christ, not the identity the LGBT Community forces on them. They’re being told what to do, how to dress, what to think, and they’re constantly brainwashed. Show compassion to these people, minister to them, that they might repent and turn from their desires.

Brothers and Sisters, I hope what you’re hearing is not “compromise your beliefs.” This is absolutely a sin, but weren’t we once lost in sin? Why have we become militant against homosexuals, when the enemy is pushing a worldview behind the LGBT Community and the associations surrounding it? You’re fighting the people, when we should be fighting the principalities. 
You can minister to people while also standing against their lifestyle, it’s possible, but it requires tact. Let God do the rest, but allow room for them to hear his voice through your kindness.

•Message to homosexuals: “LGBT” stands for “Lucifer’s Got a Big Target,” And his target is your creator. He aims to hurt the one who made you, and he’s using a plethora of groups to do it. This community is one of his militant arms, they don’t care about you like the Lord does. He will dispose of you as soon as you aren’t of any use to him. Count on it.

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  1. Nate I thought the DSM has always classified homosexuality as a mental disorder

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