LGB(-T): Hollywood’s Hypocrisy regarding the Marginalization of the Transgender Community

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The hypocrisy of Hollywood is remarkably infuriating. If millionaires handing other millionaires golden awards at a televised ceremony isn’t already bad enough, they now want to pretend like they’re the moral standard when it comes to the Transgender community and the mistreatment of this group of individuals who suffer substantially.

Nobody is going to argue the fact that the Transgender Suicide rate in this country sits at a staggering 41-44%, but Hollywood will look into it’s camera’s, with a straight look on its face, and say to you, “it’s because of ignorant, and hateful people, that the Trans community feels marginalized to the point of suicide.”

…Excuse me?

Let’s walk down memory lane, with efforts to remind people that Hollywood has made a joke out of the Trans Community for decades.

-The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy), where the Comedian/ Actor is dressed as a woman to play Professor Klump’s Mother & Grandmother. 
-Madea (Series), where Tyler Perry dresses up as an overly independent grandmother, who is not immune to throwing hands.
-Hairspray, the 4th highest grossing musical film in U.S History, where John Travolta plays Edna Turnblad (And Given one of those Golden Awards for it, mentioned earlier).

The list doesn’t stop there, honorable mentions include:
-Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams)
-Norbit (Eddie Murphy.. again)
-Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman)
-Jack & Jill (Adam Sandler)
-White Chicks (Marlon and Shawn Wayans)
-Big Momma’s House (Martin Lawrence)
And if all of these are too recent for you, and you care to find that Hollywood’s marginalization of the Trans Community goes back decades, last but not least, we have the 1959 film:
-Some Like It Hot (Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis).

Drag Queens and the Transgender Community have always been a joke to Hollywood. Every movie on this brief list is a Comedy Film, and the truth is, Hollywood has profited off of the lifestyle of the Trans/Drag Communities for decades. They hardly ever make a film inspired by Gender Dysphoria, without making light of the issue. They make it look funny, they make it look like a bad joke. 

I implore the Trans/Drag Community, to understand that money is being made off of your deepest struggles with identity. Don’t think that because of their warehouse full of facades, bright studio lights, and $10,000 cameras, that they aren’t using the problems you face to make the world laugh, all the wile raking in billions of dollars at the Box Office. 

Sure, Hollywood has been working hard to normalize the Trans Community, but they are doing it at your expense. All the while, these hypocrites have the nerve to stand in front of their cameras and claim the marginalization and harassment is coming from Christians and Republicans. They’re using the same polished pile of crap they used to make people laugh at you, to convince people the source of hatred towards you, is Christianity. 

I would even argue that the LGB(-T) Community, has nothing to do with the problems you face. Transgenderism isn’t a Sexual Social Equality issue, it’s an IDENTITY issue. 

And to my Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, 
This group of people is being pulled on all sides until their joints sever. Groups are using them left and right in an attempt to glorify their shameful ideas by appearing as tolerant and understanding. Yet nobody seems to draw the connection between Gender Dysphoria and utter brokenness rooted in the depths of ones soul.

Listen, those who struggle with Gender Identity issues.. I’ll be upfront and honest with you, like so many won’t. My belief, is that your struggle is a psychological issue which people either choose to ignore, or, rebrand into their own likeness as a political stunt. When I say, “I think you’re sick,” I don’t mean you’re disgusting, and I certainly don’t mean you willfully pursue detestable/ asinine things. A sorrowful psychological affliction such as Gender Dysphoria, is so much deeper than what is physical, it’s spiritual.

In my worldview, which I’m not going to hold you too, its premise is demonic and evil. I am not saying that you have chosen this evil, as the Satanists in Hollywood would suggest.. I’m saying this evil chose you. It seeks to oppress you, it seeks to manipulate you. It seeks to destroy you.

Christians don’t hate you. In fact, the genuine ones understand this position you’re in. Many of us come from astronomical influences of evil, suffering abuse whether it be emotional, physical, sexual, or substance. Hollywood wants to act like they care because they don’t want you to know who Jesus is. Jesus is a healer, Jesus makes things new. Jesus calls on us to put our old nature to death, and put on his righteousness and pursue the will God has for us.

Christianity is being slandered by the frauds on Television so that their abused base doesn’t realize that the body of Christ takes in broken people, and sends us back out into the world, made new in his image, to preach to the nations of his love and mercy.

If I could get you to even consider for one second that what you are under, just might be demonic oppression, then I would tell you that those same demons tremble in fear at the name of Jesus, and that they plead with him to spare them from sending them to the wretched place they’re trying to drag you into. (Matthew 8:29)

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'”
(John 8:12)

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