Historical Additions: Rwandan Massacre

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I think it’s really fascinating how hard the elite work to paint Christianity as a violent religion. The Rwanda Massacre is a prime example of this. For those who don’t know, the massacre happened during the Rwandan Civil War, when the Hutus slaughtered 800,000-1 million Tutsis, both groups virtually annihilated each other within 100 days.

At the time of the war, the majority of Rwanda was religiously described as “Christian combined with traditional beliefs.” Let me start by stating the obvious, that there is no such thing as, “Christian combined with traditional beliefs. 
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” [2 Co 5:17]

“The old has passed away,” is just as much of a key phrase as “he is a new creation. The Hutus and Tutsis have an ancient god named Imaana. The lore goes that there are spirits of dead relatives, called “abazima,” who send messages between imanna and people. 
There’s about a thousand theological errors here, that a people can remain rooted in beliefs such as these while these 2 groups are said to be “Christians.”

Now, I’m not downplaying the slaughter.. An estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed, about 70% of the Tutsi population. Sexual violence was rife, with an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 women raped during the genocide. Hutu gangs dragged people out of churches and brutally slaughtered them with machetes and rifles. 
What I’m getting at here, is that not by action, or by belief, could you consider these groups who made up a majority of the population, “Christians.”

Rwanda today is 90% Christian (55% Catholic/ 35% Protestant), 8% Muslim and the rest are non-religious. The genocide which took place in 1994 was either rewritten, or the title of Christianity was slapped on it to discredit the body of Christ. 
We do NOT have other gods.
We do NOT believe in dead relatives delivering our prayers.
We do NOT drag people out of their place of worship and slaughter them.

There are guidelines, rules, and we adhere to a Messiah who told us to love our neighbor. The Rwandan Genocide was mostly political, not religious. Yet you can’t even read about it without hearing about how Christianity played a part in it. But we see this countless times, the “Christian Crusades,” was a title slapped on something that happened about 500 years before the reformation.
Even then, the Crusades began when a Seljuk Turk (Islamic) army led by Sultan Kilij Arslan I, massacred a Christian army from Europe, known as the People’s Army.

Those who stand firm in the Lord have contended for the faith verbally, not by the sword. But Satan can’t have people realizing that.

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