Ejecting 45: Should Christians Support the Impeachment of President Trump?

You’ve likely already come to this piece with a preconceived notion, your mind mostly made up on the matter, neither of us having to pretend like you haven’t already heard about the attempt to remove the President of the United States. I want to start by addressing the 3 Major groups amongst believers regarding this Continue Reading

The Narcos Collective: Should the United States Military intervene against the Drug Cartels?

I wanted to wait a day to post this, as it’s best we pause at the thought of war and really think about what we could be getting ourselves into. In a recent development, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has responded to POTUS, saying he will withhold from requesting US Military Aid in light of Continue Reading

LGB(-T): Hollywood’s Hypocrisy regarding the Marginalization of the Transgender Community

The hypocrisy of Hollywood is remarkably infuriating. If millionaires handing other millionaires golden awards at a televised ceremony isn’t already bad enough, they now want to pretend like they’re the moral standard when it comes to the Transgender community and the mistreatment of this group of individuals who suffer substantially. Nobody is going to argue Continue Reading

Millstone Squad: The Punishment for Corrupting Children

Matthew 18:6 is often referred to as “The Child Molesters Punishment.” The idea comes from the well documented psychological fact that sexually abusing Children throws them off course for the rest of their lives. Some studies show that upwards of 80% of Child Molesters where, in fact, molested as children. Such studies have been attempted Continue Reading

The Big Shame Theory: Christians for Evolution

Are Christians beginning to compromise with worldly/ unbiblical teachings? And what effect does that have on our well-being? Unfortunately, it’s not “beginning,” it’s already begun, but now it’s become a crisis. PEW Research Center conducted a survey in a single-question approach to Evolution. Of the participants, 33% said there was no divine intervention that played Continue Reading