Game of Thrones: The Kings of the North & South, and the Beast

All the “Trump is the Antichrist because I flunked Eschatology,” folks are in full bloom.The Israeli Peace Plan has finally surfaced and some people are losing their minds because they’ve been taught that the Antichrist is the “one who makes peace with many,” in Daniel ch. 9. “And he shall make a strong covenant with Continue Reading

Violent Vicar of Virtue: How the Apostle Paul & the Tribe of Benjamin Reflects the Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit

Not only exclusive to non-believers, but also including us in the Church, humans seem to have an uncanny understanding for violence, and a notable fascination with it as well. As a matter of fact, some of the most gruesome passages in the Bible have become a beacon for objection from non-believers. If you’re someone who Continue Reading

How Does God ‘Know’ You? Intimacy vs Acknowledgement

If God “Knowing” someone, equals their election and inescapable salvation, then logically speaking, God doesn’t know the reprobate, therefore, He isn’t “All Knowing.” The transliteration of the word “know,” or “knew,” in 2 Timothy 2:19, is “ginóskó.” Another verse we see this word appear, is in Matthew 1:25, which states that Joseph took Mary as Continue Reading

Ejecting 45: Should Christians Support the Impeachment of President Trump?

You’ve likely already come to this piece with a preconceived notion, your mind mostly made up on the matter, neither of us having to pretend like you haven’t already heard about the attempt to remove the President of the United States. I want to start by addressing the 3 Major groups amongst believers regarding this Continue Reading

The Narcos Collective: Should the United States Military intervene against the Drug Cartels?

I wanted to wait a day to post this, as it’s best we pause at the thought of war and really think about what we could be getting ourselves into. In a recent development, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has responded to POTUS, saying he will withhold from requesting US Military Aid in light of Continue Reading